Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rihanna Diamonds Single Premiere

Its so ....itll have to grow on me she should take a break so i can miss her music.

A*M*E Play The Game Boy

A*M*E the k-pop lover out  of the closet comes out with some K-pop inspired video and she is feirce with the long weave !!!!!!!!

Aubrey O'Hey looks cute in new video

So aubrey looks pretty dragish and beautiful at the same time but i love her no matter what. the video is very Pia whatever her name is from american idol but tell me what you think.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Natalia Kills Viral Video

Natalia releases viral video realness with hair flips blowdrivers and old school cut outs of old videos

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carly Raes Blast to the Past Single

Carly Rae's new single is just as addicting as the call me later bulshit she was trying to prove. I love this new single just as much as i love 80's music and this has it all the way mmmm <3333333 this is absolutely delicious.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

NY new single Trophy Boy

Ive been listening tp her for a few months now she wasnt really all that but i kinda like this.Here's her new single Trophy Boy. The song has a really catchy chorus savvy pop and rnb mix that has me wanting to press the reply button. Tell me what you think?

Introducing Rogue(GIRL GROUP)

Tell me what you think????????

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire Ft Nicki Minaj SINGLE PREMIER

Alicia Keys premiers brand new single featuring Nicki Minaj "Girl on Fire, and thats exactly what it is on FIRE! She shows off more than enough of her voice and I think this BadB!tch has mutant ass lungs. Her voice sounds BOMB! take a listen


This new girl group will premier themselvels Spetember 19th cant wait to see what they got

Monday, September 3, 2012

Melissa Molinaro Shakes My Pussy

Melisssa is one of my most favorite artist from Search For the Next Pussycatdoll And Making the Band.  From her ballad number I Believed and her dance track Dancefloor she comes out with another song to put on repeat Shake the World. This beauty is so addicting

Azealia Banks 1991 Music Video

Azealia Banks heats up the 90's fericeness in her new music 1991 music video premier. Looking like the fiercest bitch from Dont Be A Menace In South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. The Video Contains long ass weave (in which i love and have) and nothing but beauty shots is all it is but I lovesssss it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bad B!tcH of the Week

Tiffany Dunn is super sexy and a super BadB!tch! She is a breakdancer from Arizona and last year came out with the best drug of music "To Bad I Love You". I have been more than patient waiting on her video for Make Me Sick Check out her rehearsal with the official audio over it. and behind the scenes and tell me is she worth the F***ing Wait!!!!!

Jasmine V Speaks Up On Teen Domestic Abuse Through Music Video


I know im a month late, but im posting this anyways. Jasmine Villegas is 19 year old Youtube Star and Ex-Girlfriend of Justin Beiber.  Jasmine recently came out with a new music video titled Didnt Mean It. In the video it shows her being pulled by her hair on webcam and beat through out the rest of it.  She Speaks up on Domestic Abuse in young adult relationships which I think is amazing cause it does happend! Parents sometimes dont even know this is happening to there kids!!!! So watch n listen! The Song has been on repeat on my Iphone. It has a strong RnB feel that stands her vocals out.

Cover Drive Explode ft Dappy Music Video

The her voice is so cute. Check out this UK band which is doing pretty well over there. The song has a nice reggae pop sound which is pretty relaxing for me. Watch it tell me what you think?

Watch Out For Artist!

Luna Lovebad is a transgendered model from Compton. Not only does girl got looks but this BadB!tch has some flows.  As of right now she has no official single but with as much followers as she has stardom is sure to come along. take a listen tell me what you think of her?

Getting Ready Song Of The Weekend!

Jasmine V- WERK #staystrongjasmine <3

Cher Lloyd Performing With Ur Love On Today Show

XFactor STAR Cher Lloyd performed her latest US single yesterday on the Today Show. As usual this Bad B!tch looks stunning. So glad she she got rid of that short hair and threw in some tracks.  With Ur love has potential  to be a Smash Hit, since Want You Back became PLATINUM!!!! With Ur Love was an addiction for me LAST YEAR when it had Mike Posner on the track, now i feel like its missing something. Hopefully it'll be a Megahit in the us before she releases Stick's and Stones in October, so we can see some other singles.

Everything You Wanna Be(DEMO) by Me!

this is me! i just came out with my new demo produced by Tristan Woodroffe take a listen.

Introducing Alli Davis - One In A Million

Alli Davis. Shes cute shes blonde she raps(kinda sorta). Song is catchy cute tell me what you think ?

Introducing K.Rose (Music Video)

I have no clue who this beauty is but she has absoulute style and rhthym. And thats my type of girl. In the video she shows off sick dance moves to this electropop kesha type melody.

Keke Palmer New Music Video

Keke gets down! From her dance moves to her voice and looks shes absoulutley stunning. The video is simple but it works. She makes the entire video with nothing but dancing, the song at first was up n down for me but now im playing on repeat!!!

Introducing Natasha

Natasha isnt new to the game. She had a single 4 years ago called "Sidekick" pretty addicting i must say, but this bad bitch got hard with new song "Riddle Me This" the music video is Blehhh, but the song is addicting. In the video she looks AMAZEBALLZ shaved side, red lips, and high waist shorts shes good to look at and she can dance ( in which she doesnt do in this video) but check her out.

Check out sidekick below

Introducing Girls United

Girls United aka GU is an upcoming new girl group. With former member of Girlicious Nichole Cordova, Alex Segal, Candice Craig, and Kasey Osbourne. There single is titled Easy Rider with a music video already to go there is yet no release date. These girls can dance and sing compared to the rest of the girl groups and boy bands out there these girl ARE FIERCE.